Case Study

TrakMat - Ireland

Project Specifications

Products Specified: EM8910
Products Specified: ESA180

Project Description

A leading retail outfit in Dublin with multiple high traffic walkways required a durable, effective and practical solution for their 8 mat 
requirement which was met by our
17mm Loop Pile Trakmat (EM8910)

The versatile system incorporates aluminium sections with carpet inserts linked by semi-rigid P.V.C to cushion traffic, reduce noise 
and absorb moisture and dirt to help ensure the indoor surfaces are
kept clean. The unique design allows the matting to be easily rolled facilitating efficient installation and cleaning.

The TrakMat® system is a bespoke manufactured product created to the client’s specification; not only are the mat size, depth and inserts adjustable but the aluminium channels can also be customized with our Powder Coating Service. The leading grocery store requested the channels for their installation to be Matt Black.

To finish the installation the mat wells were all bordered with our ESA180 profiles which were also powder coated Matt Black to
compliment the mat channels.

A wholly bespoke 8 mat requirement, the largest being 30sqm, with a tight deadline was efficiently measured, created and supplied 
exactly to the client’s specification. 

A Massive Thanks to Kennedy Flooring for sharing this project.

Leading Retail Outfit, Dublin - 0 Leading Retail Outfit, Dublin - 1

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