NSA Straight - Stair Edge Trim Pre-Formed

Landing Trim (NTL) and Pre-formed Angles (NSA) are used to conceal the edge of the floor covering and stair edging in a neat and tidy Aluminium Finish.

Stair Angles are supplied to suit the angle between the tread and riser of the step (83 or  90°). Landing Trims are supplied in 2.5m lengths for use on Landings.

NTAB’s are utilised alongside the Landing trim or Stair Angles to cover gauges from 3.5mm to 8m.

Type Straight
Box Quantity 10
Depth (mm) 42
Length (mm) 350
NSA Datasheet NSA Datasheet
NSA Case Study - Health Care NSA Case Study - Health Care
NSA Case Study - Commercial NSA Case Study - Commercial
  1. Establish floor covering depth required and invert tab position as required. Slide the Tab into the groove on the reverse of the trim (position centrally and ensure Tab is the right way up for the required depth).Repeat for the vertical flange.
  2. Position adjacent trims on the side of the steps and scribe the back edge of each angle to form a butt or mitred angle with the next angle. Cut with a chop saw.
  3. Fit trims before floor coverings and Stair Nosings.
  4. Fit floor covering and Stair Nosing to finish.

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