Replacement 965FTS Trowel Blades

Replacement Trowel Blades for the 965FTS Trowel Box Sets.

  • 965BSC:    250 x 100mm - Screeding Blade
  • 965BV104: 280 x 115mm - 1mm x 4mm V Notch
  • 965BV155: 280 x 115mm - 1.5mm x 5mm V Notch
  • 965BV206: 280 x 115mm - 2mm x 6mm V Notch
  • 965BVA1:   280 x 115mm - A1 V Notch
  • 965BVA2:   280 x 115mm - A2 V Notch
Material Stainless Steel

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