RDIM - P.V.C Dim Strip

 Genesis RDIM is a flexible PVC profile designed to ramp down soft floor coverings, preventing trip hazards and providing a perfect neat edge to the installation.

Length (m) 2, 15
Size 26 x 2 - 15m coil 20 x 2.5 - 15m coil 36 x 4.5 - 2m 40 x 6 - 2m
Box Quantity 10, 20, 40
Depth (mm) 2 - 6mm
RDIM Datasheet RDIM Datasheet
  1. Ensure the substrate is dry, smooth and free from any contaminants. 
  2. Lay the lengths of RDIM up to the edge of the floor covering and using a sharp knife or hacksaw cut the lengths to size. 
  3. Once cut apply a proprietary contact adhesive to the back of the profile and leave to dry. 

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