Rotera Wedges

The Genesis Rotera Wedge is the perfect tool to increase productivity when laying tiles. The clever, yet simple design allows the installer to achieve a fully controlled level of accuracy to achieve the perfect finish. The wedges simply rotate to the exact space needed. They are the perfect choice when looking to support the bottom course when wall tiling.

Gone are the days of using cardboard to rest the tiles on or stacking up traditional wedges, the Genesis Rotera Wedges offer the perfect solution for creating space for stone, masonry, paving, bricklaying and tile installations.

  • Designed to support stone and tile on vertical applications
  • Ideal for starter courses
  • Wedge thickness: 1-13mm
  • Fast and efficient - Increases productivity
  • Great to maintain the gaps between countertop slabs and the wall while it cures
  • Easily create spacing for stone, masonry, paving, tile and more

50 pieces per pack.

Box Qty 10
Sizes 1-13mm
Rotera Wedges Features & Benefits Rotera Wedges Features & Benefits

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