Silicone Carbide Safety Tape

A versatile anti slip tape made from a fine grade aluminium oxide, which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

The 60 grit is a medium anti slip abrasive coating, perfect for general anti slip requirements possessing excellent levels of grip.

Comes in 18.3m rolls

W x L (mm) 25 x 18300. 50 x 18300
Length (m) 18.3
Material Aluminium Oxide
Nosing User Guide Nosing User Guide
NIW datasheet NIW datasheet
  1. Clean surface thoroughly ensuring removal of any contamination that may prevent the adhesion of the tape. (N.B. It is important to remember that the safety strip will only stick to surfaces that are smooth and free from dirt and grease).
  2. Cut the tape to length required.
  3. Peel of backing film and place firmly into place. Do not attempt to reposition once the initial adhesion has taken place.
  4. If applied externally, the edges must be sealed.

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