SRP - P.V.C. Beading

Attractive yet robust: The rigid but curved design makes it robust enough to finish any installation requiring an internal bead whilst having an attractive appearance. The product can be used on the horizontal or vertical place, around a work surface, or as a skirting on a floor or a coving around a ceiling. Mitre pieces are available for the SRP to provide the perfect finish to the installation.


Length (m) 2.5
Box Quantity 25
Fixing Over Tile Only
SRP Datasheet SRP Datasheet
SRP Fiche technique SRP Fiche technique
  1. Cut to length allowing mitres for corners. 
  2. Ensure the surfaces that the beading is being applied to are completely clean and free from dust.
  3. Use an approximate bead of 5mm of silicone or acrylic on the back of the profile at or around both of the supporting legs. If the product is used around a bath, use silicone to allow for slight movement. 

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