SBS - P.V.C. Seal Under / Over Tile

A co-extruded bath seal with supportive leg for easy installation. Flexible fin absorbs slight movement without breaking seal. Leg can be removed if required.

Length (m) 1.8
Box Quantity 25
Fixing Under / Over Tile, Under Tile Only
SBS Datasheet SBS Datasheet
SBS Fiche technique SBS Fiche technique
  1. Cut to length allowing mitres for corners, although mitre cutting can be avoided by using the Tile Seal mitre Piece and End Caps. 
  2. Pre-weight bath or shower tray by standing in whilst fixing. 
  3. Before fitting the last row of ceramic tiles, tack seal into the internal angle, simultaneously bedding the leg into the adhesive. Ensure the leg rests on the base confirming the seal is fully compressed. 
  4. Fix last row of tiles, bringing tile to rest on the Tile Seal. Grout according to manufacturers instructions. 

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