The Atlas Pedestal System provides an adjustable height support for outdoor raised floors allowing you to create a paved terrace or external environment with a guaranteed high mechanical resistance and a quick and easy installation without the need for grout or adhesive.

Designed with a base to allow for the necessary water drainage and a fixed-head which includes 4 removable tabs of 4mm joint thickness to aid with installation, our pedestal system enables the laying of large-format outdoor tiles and paving slabs with a load capacity of up to 1000kg.

Should you require any assistance in calculating the materials required for a project, we have a developed software program to determine your product requirements based on tile size and size of project (m2).

Our range of pedestals span from 18mm to 220mm but when coupled with the 100mm extension, of which a maximum of 9 is permitted, we’ve got you covered up to a maximum height of 1.1m.

Unbonded (or loose lay) installation is suitable for balconies, terraces, roof terraces and other accessible spaces. It enables access to pipelines and floor drains in the remaining hollow space

Features and Benefits 

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Easy to install 
  • Non-conductive to electricity, heat and sound
  • Strength of flexibility and impact 
  • UV Resistance 
  • Resistance of load 

Load Capacity - 1000kg Central Loading 

Operating temperature: from -40°C  at +80°C

Diameter (Ø) 100

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