EVT - P.V.C. Vinyl to Tile

A neat and effective solution: P.V.C profiles that offer a neat transition between soft skirting and ceramic tiles. The cavity on the EVT profile allows for protection of the floor covering and the ceramic tile.

W x D (mm) 15 x 8, 19 x 12
Length (m) 2.5
Box Quantity 25
EVT Datasheet EVT Datasheet
  1. Check the exact position of the trim required relative to the tiles to be laid. 
  2. Bed trim into normal tile adhesive ensuring adhesive penetrates the holes in the flange. There are 5mm holes available for mechanical fixing if additional securing is needed. 
  3. Spread the adhesive over the flange and firmly bed in tiles butting against the profile. 
  4. A grout gap is not necessary, however, if a gap is visible ensure grout is compressed firmly into the gap. 

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