EAS - Stainless Steel Corner Protector (limited availability - see description)

These Self Adhesive Genesis edge protection profiles are designed to absorb and protect against impact damage on external corners on walls. Suitable for retro fixing the profiles provide a decorative and clean finish as well as covering existing damage to walls so the wall covering doesn't have to be replaced.

limited availability in 50x50mm in 195, 187 and 117  

W x D (mm) 15 x 15, 30 x 30, 50 x 50
Length (m) 2.5, 1.5
Box Quantity 10
EAS Datasheet EAS Datasheet
EAS Case Study EAS Case Study
  1. Select EAS width according to the desired effect either 15mm x 15mm, 30mm x 30mm or 50mm x 50mm. 
  2. Prepare the surface by cleaning and ensuring that it is free from dirt. 
  3. Secure into place with a contact adhesive, the self adhesive tape will hold the profile in position during the curing process. 
  4. Wipe clean and leave. 

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