BIHUI - Laser Levels

BIHUI - Laser Levels

  • 360° Self-Levelling green beam 12 or 5 lines laser level.
  • Auxiliary tiles fixing, wall decoration, floor tiles fixing, stair handrails, furred ceiling, floor tile, plastering etc.

Available in:

  • BU-LLG05  Self-Levelling 5 lines Green Beams Laser Level
  • BU-LLG12  Self-Levelling 12 Lines Green Beams Laser Level

Accessories include:

  • USB Charging
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Laser-target plate
  • Green glasses
  • Bracket with adjusting and level spirit 
  • Magnetic bracket PV9 & PV6+ (BU-LLG12 only)

BIHUI - Tripod (Sold Separately) 

  • BU-LLG-TRP- 1.5m Tripod suitable for BU-LLG05 & BU-LLG12 Self Levelling Laser Levels.
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BU-LLG12 Manual BU-LLG12 Manual
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