NIB - Stair Grip + PVC Top

Genesis NIB is a two part profile with an Aluminium Base and a co-extruded semi flexible top section.  The flange sits underneath the flat tile and rests on top of the riser tile. The PVC tread providing excellent edge protection and grip for the edge of the step.

Height (mm) 10 & 12.5mm
Length (m) 2.5
Box Quantity 10
NIB Datasheet NIB Datasheet
NIB106 Drawing NIB106 Drawing
NIB 126 Drawing NIB 126 Drawing

 When installing with Tile Adhesive this should offer adequate fixing, however, if required most tile in nosings offer a mechanic fixing method using 5mm holes within the flange making them suitable for Wood and Laminate floors that do not require Tile adhesive.

  1. Check the fit of the nosing and ensure the profile is the correct height and width for the step and floor covering.
  2. Install the floor covering on the riser.
  3. Place the nosing firmly on the step and if necessary mark the floor.
  4. Drill and Plug the floor if Mechanically fixing.
  5. Apply the adhesive using a suitable notched trowel to the manufacturers recommendations.
  6. Bed the profile into the adhesive ensuring that the adhesive comes through all the flange holes, spread the adhesive over the top of the flange before installing tiles.
  7. A grout gap is not required however if visible ensure that grout is compressed firmly within the gap.

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