Drainage System

Drainage System

New to the Outdoor range, Genesis Drainage System is perfect solution for the collection and drainage of rainwater. Available in 1m lengths and reinforced for high resistance and functionality.

Easy to fit design that simply clicks together to extend to the desired length. The channel is made from PP (Polypropylene) with a galvanised steel or PP grating and a load class of A15 (maximum load rating of 1.5 tonnes) in accordance with UNI EN 1433.

Accompanied by end caps and a screw fitted adapter with the choice of side drain or floor drain the system enables drainage suitable for driveways, patios and gardens.


MCPP1284.16 / MCGS1284.84 - 121 x 84 x 1000

MCAD - ∅ 110 

W x L (mm) 121 x 84 x 1000
Diameter (Ø) 110

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