Balcony Profiles

We are constantly expanding our popular range of profiles to ensure everywhere trim is applicable has the perfect finish!

Terraces and balconies deserve the same treatment, introducing our balcony profiles range.

We have two shapes available - The flat surface and slope designs both come in Matt Black, Anthracite and Matt Silver.  

  • Two shapes are available - flat surface (BAF) and sloped (BAA).
  • Available in Matt Black, Anthracite and Matt Silver.  
  • Designed with drip edges to guide water away.
  • Large punched flanges allow secure installation and adhesive bedding.
  • Finishes allow aesthetic touch to the edges of any balcony.
  • Available in both 10 and 12 mm heights, with standard lengths of 2.5 m.
  • Connectors, internal and external corners available for both the BAA and BAF. 

BAA 100  / H x D - 42 x 10mm

BAA 120 / H x D - 44 x 12mm

BAF 100 / H x D - 53 x 10mm

BAF 120 / H x D -  55 x 12mm 

Box Qty BAA x 10 Corners x 1 BAF x 10
Balcony Profiles Datasheet Balcony Profiles Datasheet
Balcony Profiles Features & Benefits Balcony Profiles Features & Benefits
BAA100 10mm DWG BAA100 10mm DWG
BAA120 12mm DWG BAA120 12mm DWG
BAF100 10mm DWG BAF100 10mm DWG
BAF120 12mm DWG BAF120 12mm DWG

Aluminium edging profiles are designed to protect the edges of tiles on terraces and balconies and to allow the correct water dispersion away from the fascia providing protection and aesthetic longevity. The profile is provided with a perforated anchoring flange that ensures perfect fastening of the profile to the substrate and a vertical side, protecting the edge of the flooring, partly bent outwards in order to allow the downflow of water.

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