Pedestal System

Support Pedestals offer excellent solutions to make all your terraces a livable area with its products that you can use under stone and wood and adjust the height from 15 mm to 1200 mm.

Support is a combinable tile and paver support system that enables individual assembly heights from 15mm to over 1m.

It is suitable for levelling any sloped assembly of up to 15%. Unbonded (or loose lay) installation is suitable for balconies, terraces, roof terraces and other accessible spaces. It enables access to pipelines and floor drains in the remaining hollow space

  • High resistance to chemicals 
  • Non-conductive to electricity, heat and sound
  • Strength of flexibility and impact 
  • Water-Repellent 
  • UV Resistance 
  • Resistance of load 

Load Capacity - 1000kg Central Loading 

Fire Rating - Class E

Sound Installation - 25DB 

Pedestal System Datasheet Pedestal System Datasheet
Pedestal System Features & Benefits Pedestal System Features & Benefits

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