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BU-DCDF115 - B-FAST diamond cutting blade. DRY Only.    

  • 125mm with bore size 22.23mm.
  • Full 12mm height rim.
  • Thick 2.4mm body for universal cutting purpose.
  • Steel body is made with special steel for additional rigidity.
  • High speed cutting with minimal chipping and self cooling
  • Suitable for cutting Granite, Stone and Hard tiles etc.
  • 2.4mm blade thickness.
  • Suitable for cutting granite, marble and hard stone.

BU-DCBN115 - Super thin 115mm turbo diamond cutting blade, Wet & Dry 22.23mm Bore. Thickness 1.2mm, 9mm diamond tip.

  • 1.2mm Blade thickness
  • 9mm Diamond Tip
  • Perfect for cutting porcelain and ceramic.

BU-DCDA115 - B-Master diamond cutting blade, Wet & dry 22.23mm Bore.

  • 55mm reinforced core
  • 1.2mm blade thickness
  • 10mm Diamond tip
  • Perfect for stone.

BU-DCDC115 - B-Mosaic Diamond cutting blade, WET cutting, 22.23mm Bore.

  • 1.6mm thickness
  • 10mm Diamond tip
  • Suitable for mosaic, glass and stone tiles.

BU-DCDM115 - B-Speedy diamond cutting blade, 55mm core, Wet & dry, 22.23mm Bore.

  • 55mm reinforced core
  • 1.4mm blade thickness
  • 10mm Diamond tip
  • Suitable for hard tiles, porcelain & ceramic tiles.

BU-DCDS115 - B-Slim diamond cutting blade, wet & dry, 22.23mm Bore.     

  • 70mm reinforced core
  • 1.0mm blade thickness
  • 7mm Diamond tip
  • Suitable for slim slab, porcelain & ceramic tiles.

BU-DCDT115 - B-Turbo 115mm diamond cutting blade, Wet & dry, 22.23mm Bore.     

  • 55mm reinforced core
  • 1.6mm blade thickness
  • 7mm diamond tip
  • Suitable for cutting especially hard tiles marble and slim slab.
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BIHUI Blades - Features & Benefits BIHUI Blades - Features & Benefits

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