BIHUI - Manual Tile Cutters with LED Light

BIHUI - Manual Cutters

  • Double-layer aluminium alloy chassis, strong and durable.
  • Tungsten carbide scoring wheel with etched scale for using with different tile thickness.
  • Anti-rotation handle for change scoring wheels from Ø1/4"(6mm) to Ø7/8"(22mm).
  • Ø7/8(22mm) scoring wheel included.
  • Magnetic adsorption and fast release breaking device with 800kg breaking power for one-handing operation.
  • Adjustable measurement guide and side ruler for cutting tiles from different angles.
  • Anti-slip handle with storage function and snap-in for locking the handle.
  • LED light for extra vision.
  • 1M and 1.2M tile cutter with coaster design.
  • Suitable for cutting all kinds of ceramic tiles, such as wall tiles, polished tiles and glazed tiles

Availabe in:

  • BU-TCB800 Cutter with light 800mm
  • BU-TCB1000 Cutter with light 1000mm
  • BU-TCB1200 Cutter with light1200mm
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