BIHUI - Concrete Grinder 1900W

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  • Made of durable aluminum alloy, metal and engineering nylon
  • Ergonomic design characterized with the increased balance and flatness
  • Suitable for almost all 180mm diamond or resin discs
  • Featured with power-off & overloading protections, and speed regulation
  •  Full wave electronics, soft start, and with a start-current limit function
  • Removable front protective cover with magnetic,convenient for corner grinding (inner corner)
  • Self-cleaning design, equipped with professional vacuum cleaner interface, can be used in vacuum bag or vacuum cleaner, dust-free operation
  • Convenient installation, comfortable operation, reducing labor intensity
  • Adjustable angles to meet the needs of the working scene.
  • Equipped with adjustable positioner device to ensure the consistency of grinding edges and corners.
  • Removing old surfaces as well as preparing a new base for secondary renovation.
  • Suitable for materials like tile, concrete, etching, tile adhesive, natural stone, plaster, paint, coating, adhesive carpet etc.
Output: 1900W
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Speed: 0-3000RPM
Cup Wheel: 180mm
Cable Length: 4m
BIHUI Concrete Grinder Manual BIHUI Concrete Grinder Manual
BIHUI Concrete Grinder Video BIHUI Concrete Grinder Video
BIHUI Concrete Grinder Datasheet BIHUI Concrete Grinder Datasheet
CG1900 Parts List CG1900 Parts List

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