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Product Specified: ASL15

Project Description

Maritime outfitter giants – Scandia have expanded their worldwide footprint into Singapore. This weekend they moved into their new offices and warehouse at West Park BizCentral, Singapore.

This industrial development offers a slew of cutting-edge elements that make it ideal for businesses in the engineering, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing industries.
West Park BizCentral won a Gold Award in 2009 from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) under its Green Mark scheme. Lush roof gardens reduce heat gain, while the expansive greenery and central courtyard help create an abundance of natural light.

Genesis ASL15 is the perfect accompaniment to this project with its’ energy efficient solution to illuminate steps. Should a local or emergency power failure occur on stairways, increasing the risk of hazard for evacuees, the Aluminator® system allows the evacuee to orientate, locate stair edges and risers, and to assist in the safe evacuation of the premises.
Only normal illumination, daylight, fluorescent or standard tungsten filaments are required to activate its performance. The highly durable and slip resistant silicone carbide is suitable for external use, ideal for both commercial and domestic applications where public safety is paramount.

This is a great example of when great things happen- the job was quoted on the Thursday, shipped Friday and installed on the Tuesday! 

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