Case Study

Perry Barr Railway Station

Project Specifications

Product Specified: FTSSD25.16
Product Specified: FTCD280.16
Product Specified: FTCA280.47
Product Specified: FTSSD25.47

Project Description

Perry Barr Train Station has been refurbished for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, which is being held in Birmingham.

The Pathway Guidance System has been specified to help blind and partially sighted people around the train station.

The traditional 6mm diameter shank method or 3M adhered versions offer an incredibly versatile system that can provide an instant DDA and Equality Act 2010 compliant tactile surface to any platform edge, stairway or ramp due to their unique installation methods.

This allows full utilisation of all facilities, with guides directing to important points i.e., ticket offices and lifts to platforms.

The once small, plain and dated site is now an expanded rust-coloured building with a modern finish.

Installed by Luke Boorer, Richard Howells, Ross Niedzielski, Oli Wilkins, Mark Lawrence, and Will Dolling from the Genesis Global Systems team.

Perry Barr Railway Station - 0 Perry Barr Railway Station - 1 Perry Barr Railway Station - 2 Perry Barr Railway Station - 3

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