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As part of the expansion in Colombia, the Hyatt hotel chain set itself the goal of building a new hotel in the vicinity of the Corferias Convention Centre in Bogotá, the most important in the country, to offer premium accommodation service to thousands of visitors that during the year, attend multiple exhibitions.

Therefore, in anticipation of the expected volumes of guests at the hotel, one of the key decisions in the project was the selection of a trapper system for the proper control of dirt, dust and moisture entering the building, to ensure maximum care of floor coverings.

The decision was the right one: The Genesis Trakmat® system. With it’s aluminium profiling system with PVC links, which makes it 100% roll-up, would guarantee its easy maneuverability and ease of maintenance, as well as maximum softness to the contact of the shoes and a minimum noise emission when passing guests.

The polypropylene carpet inserts, would offer the perfect surface to fulfil the basic function, trap the dirt and moisture of the shoes before entering the building. Finally, by adding its outstanding appearance and elegance, consistent with a hotel in this category, were sufficient reasons to select our system.

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