Project Specifications

Specified Product: Vision Skirting - KLD
Specified Product: Vision - Multifix
Specified Product: RezTred Anti-Slip Resin

Project Description

 Our new Vision range has just been installed in a holiday rental property in Almeria, Spain.

The owners have installed 3 Genesis systems.

1. Vision Skirting – The property owners wanted to add some lighting to the roof top terrace/barbecue area. They searched for a long time to find appropriate lighting but could not find anything suitable. They wanted to add a cosy, subtle lighting system to enhance the terrace instead of over powering it. When they saw the Genesis Vision system, they were very impressed and were very pleased with the end result.

2. Vision MultiFix – To enhance the Barbecue area the owners chose the MultiFix system. This allowed them to light exactly where it was needed and also add a very nice feature.

The owners of this property had a lot of complaints in the past due to their lighting. The Vision System allowed them to enhance their roof terrace and has resolved any issues with their neighbours.

3. RezTred – This is a 3 story house and in Spain, staircases are tiled. This always poses a serious risk of injury to both adults and children. The second biggest reason for a hospital visit in Spain is because of a fall and injury due to slipping on tiles. They chose to install Reztred for 2 reasons. 1- For its long lasting anti-slip properties and 2 – To highlight the edge of each step, therefore, virtually eliminating the risk of a fall on the staircase.

We are really pleased for the property owners and its great to see our products being installed all over the world!

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