Genesis Global Systems

Great Ayton, North Yorkshire

Project Specifications

Product Specified : TRV368.81

Project Description

Enhancing Residential Lighting with our TRV – Retro Self
Adhesive LED Profile in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire.

In collaboration with PH Greenwell Contractors, we are thrilled
to present a case study showcasing the successful installation
of our TRV LED Profile, this innovative lighting solution has not
only transformed the aesthetic appeal of the property but also
enhanced functionality and energy efficiency.

The client, a homeowner in Great Ayton, sought to upgrade
their residential lighting to create a modern and inviting
atmosphere. They desired a solution that would seamlessly
blend with their existing interior design while providing
efficient and versatile lighting options.

The installation process was seamless, thanks to the self-adhesive
backing, which minimized disruption and time
required for implementation.

As you can see, the client now enjoys a modern, efficient,
and visually stunning lighting solution in their home.



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