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External Landscaping in Bath

Project Specifications

Product Specified: NLT225.425

Project Description

With a cracking and tired-looking porcelain patio! Somerset Precision Tiling was tasked to install a refreshed internal and external floor.

The plan was to install the kitchen and external patio with 22mm thick tumbled edge sandstone, creating a seamless entry from the kitchen to al fresco dining in the summertime.

With the old tiles removed, the slab was replaced with a sand and cement screed.

Levelling and anti-fracture prep done, the steps needed a fall to allow rainwater to run off (away from the house)

One of the major things to consider was the step edging, it needed to look good and provide some form of slip resistance.

Our NLT profile is a simple but well-designed, innovative profile that provides a safe and secure edge, it has a flange that sits underneath the floor covering with a grooved profile face for extra grip.

What’s even better is the profile finish – In Sandstone this profile not only offered a solution it also looked amazing too!

Thanks to Tom Hogan from Somerset Precision Tiling for sharing this project with us.

Project Address – Residential Home in Charlcombe, Bath.

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