Case Study

Campbeltown Sailing Club

Project Specifications

Product Specified : NERS.47
Product Specified : NTP.063.47

Project Description

Based near Dalintober Pier at the upper end of Campbeltown Loch. The Clubhouse has a spacious upper floor with bar and catering facilities plus there are changing rooms, showers, and toilets downstairs. Small boats are stored in the secure compound and the Loch is accessed by a slipway/ramp usable at all states of the tide.

As the 2022 sailing season was about to begin, Campbeltown Sailing Cub were getting ready for its annual RYA inspection. (Royal Yachting Association).

It was deemed that the staircase and the top platform leading to the clubhouse were in dire need of a more permanent solution to reduce potential slips and trips

The club decided to utlise RezTred in yellow on the top platform, ensuring a durable and long-lasting slip resistance.

The steps were made good and had the Treadplate NTP603.47 installed on each step, again offering a long-lasting solution for slip resistance and visual awareness.

Easy installation, with amazing results.

Campbeltown Sailing Club, Kintyre - 0 Campbeltown Sailing Club, Kintyre - 1 Campbeltown Sailing Club, Kintyre - 2 Campbeltown Sailing Club, Kintyre - 3

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