Aldersgate Chapel, Singapore

Project Specifications

Product Specified: NSL16.47

Project Description

The history of Aldersgate Methodist Church began in September 1977, when the Clementi New Town Pioneer Work was initiated to build a Methodist church in the Clementi area. In 1984, they were served a Quit Notice because of development work by the Government. Following this “eviction” they moved to Fairfield Methodist Primary School, where they worshipped for 10 years. The Aldersgate Chapel was completed in December 1994, where they worship today.

Since then, the church has undergone a host of renovations so that the building can accommodate its patrons. Genesis stair nosings –  NSL16 with yellow inserts have been used on the main stairways inside the church to provide exceptional levels of anti slip meaning that anyone using the stairs are much less likely to trip or fall.

The bright yellow insert provides a vivid contrast to the dark grey stairs, making it very easy for the users to see the edges of the stairs, minimising trips and falls.

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