Case Study

Aiken Village

Project Specifications

Product Specified : NTC 12.01

Project Description

We’re thrilled to be part of this project at Aiken Village in Sandyford!

Home to Vodafone’s Irish HQ and a substantial Microsoft workforce – this was an amazing project.


Thanks to Kennedy Flooring and James Hegarty from Alliance Explore Flooring

Special mention and thanks to Ross McGregor from our ceramics and flooring team.


Sandyford is a prosperous suburb known for the large Sandyford Business Park, home to modern tech offices and a children’s museum.

Genesis NTC nosing was required to accommodate a flush finish between Porcelain tiles and the step edge.

This heavy-duty aluminum tile-in nosing offers a cost-effective alternative to ceramics treads.

White inserts were installed to ensure an LRV variance of 30 points.

Project credit –

Massive thanks to James Hegarty at Alliance Explore Flooring and Distributor Kennedy Flooring.



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