It’s never been easier to provide adequate stress relief in patterned floors with the Invizi-joint!
It’s the complete solution for invisible, stress-relieving grout lines.
Perfect for Opus, Brick & Herringbone Patterened Tiles.
The finer details:

to provide an even more seamless finish compared to standard joints.

  • Works with heated floors to relieve stress and movement
  •  Colour matched to your Tile, Grout or any RAL number
  •  Avoid unsightly cuts by following the grout lines
  •  Works with herringbone, opus and brick bond tile formats
  •  Achieves an approximate 45 Shore A hardness rating once cured

INVIZI-JOINT is not a substitute for structural movement joints.

When structural joints are present please follow British Standard 5383, TTA publications, or the relevant standards and associations in your country.

If any structural joints exist please contact us before installing INVIZI-JOINT.How INVIZI-JOINT benefits your tiled flooring

Contents of Kit:

  • Part 1 Base
  • Part 2 Hardener
  • Pair of gloves
  • x2 Empty Cartridges
  • x2 End Caps
  • x2 Nozzles
  • Coverage: 15m based on 10mm x 3mm joint
Speak to anyone on our team for more details.