EFU - P.V.C. Vinyl to Tile


The EFU is a co extruded profile with a flexible face allowing vinyl as this as 2mm to be used. The EVU is exactly the same as the EFU except the profile is unpunched and therefore designed to sit on top of the tile.
W x D (mm) 15 x 8
Length (m) 2.5
Box Quantity 50
EFU Datasheet EFU Datasheet
  1. Measure and cut the profile to the desired length. 
  2. If fixing during tiling installation trowel adhesive onto substrate and bed the profile into position ensuring the adhesive penetrates through the holes in the anchoring flange. 
  3. Trowel the adhesive over the holes and position tiles accordingly. 
  4. Tuck flooring material into the cavity below. (If a thicker floor covering is used the weak points on the EFU can be cut back if required.) 
  5. Apply silicone or similar sealant if required to provide a complete seal. 

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