KSO - P.V.C Flexible Sit on Skirting

Genesis KSO flexible PVC, sit-on skirting/ coving, designed for maximum performance and low maintenance. Ideal for use in areas such as hospital corridors, schools etc.

H x D (mm) 100 x 20, 150 x 20
Length (m) 2 15 (Coil)
Box Quantity 1, 20, 30
KSO Datasheet KSO Datasheet

To fit straight lengths of cove skirting: 

  1. Draw a pencil line on the wall to mark the height of the skirting. 
  2. Spread contact adhesive on the wall to the pencil line and wait for it to tack up. 
  3. Press the skirting into the adhesive, keeping the toe at an even distance from the wall. 

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