TrakMat Fluted Rubber Entrance Matting

Aluminium sections linked by semi-rigid P.V.C. to reduce traffic noise and allow rolling up of the mat. Designed for internal and external use with heavy foot traffic. The rubber insert has Shore A hardness value of 70, the serrated design encourages water dispersion and slip resistance. 

Height (mm) 12, 14, 18
Box Qty m2
Shore A Hardness 70
Tensile Stress 25 MPa
Trakmat Fluted Rubber Datasheet Trakmat Fluted Rubber Datasheet
Entrance Matting Order Form Entrance Matting Order Form
TrakMat Entrance Matting Case Study TrakMat Entrance Matting Case Study
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Matting Installation 

It is essential that the final matting installation if competently carried out, and there are two typical methods: 

  1. The matting is cut in the factory, to an exact size or shape, and simply drops into place on site. For this to be possible, it is critical that dimensions are accurate, and templates are provided for any shaped areas using a suitable material.
  2. Dimensions are taken on site, matting is produced slightly oversize and cut to suit the exact matwell areas by competent persons on site. This method is recommended, as it allows rapid production and accurate installation. 

Generally aluminium matting should be installed with a small tolerance to the surround, to allow for expansion with temperature variation. PVC matting systems should be fitted tight to the matwell surround. Exact installation detail varies between products, and should be confirmed at time of order. 

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