Strato Band

For optimum performance when working in wet areas use Strato Band. 

A three-layer waterproof band with internal polyethylene core, coupled on both sides with felted polypropylene fabric.

Strato Brochure Strato Brochure

Waterproofing Function Installation 

  • Other measures are required during the laying stage to provide the additional waterproofing function. After laying STRATO MEMBRANE, it is necessary to seal the joints between the adjacent sheets with adhesive, spreading it with the smooth side of the notched trowel.
  • Strato Band must then be applied.
  • The same procedure must be followed for the perimeter waterproofing
  • Strato Band must be laid at the joint, and must overlap it by at least 50 mm. The same procedure must be used for the perimeter joints, using Strato Band centered in the floor / wall connection with adhesive.
  • Class C2 (or greater) cementitious adhesive must be spread followed by the laying of the finishing product
  • The plinth/skirting board must be kept detached from the floor,

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