EDA - Aluminium Dividing Strip

Genesis Aluminium Dividing Strips are designed to link flooring materials with little or no height variation. The T-shape allows subsequent application.
Simply pressed into a joint filled with silicone or adhesive link and ceramic and parquet, natural stone, concrete or laminate. The respective edges are covered in such a way that the marginal areas of the flooring material cannot be damaged.

EDA Datasheet EDA Datasheet
EDA408 Drawing EDA408 Drawing
  1.  Clean the joint inside (at least a depth of 9 mm). 
  2. Fill the joint with single-pack silicone or equivalent. 
  3. Press the EDA profile into the joint until it is completely in contact with the flooring materials. 
  4.  Remove any surplus adhesive from the edges using cleaning material. 

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